1. Happy 50th birthday, Ryu. I’ve always liked you more than Ken. But let’s face it….he is pretty cool at times.

  2. Joaquin Phoenix’s forehead had me roaring with laughter, but I’m pretty sure it’s because of everyone’s reaction in this video that makes it hilarious haha

  3. In The Shadow Of The Moon


  4. "Every action and decision we take - or don’t - ripples into the future. For the first time we have the capability, the technology, and the knowledge to direct these ripples."

    — Jacque Fresco

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  5. Kids Are Given Game Boys, Feel Instant Sadness

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  6. Jiddu Krishnamurti - The Crisis in Consciousness. 

    We were saying how very important it is to bring about in the human mind the radical revolution. The crisis is the crisis in consciousness, a crisis that cannot anymore accept the old norms, the old patterns, the ancient traditions, and continuing what the world is now, with all the misery, conflict, destructive brutality, aggression and so on. Man is still as he was, is still brutal, violent, aggressive, acquisitive, competitive, and he has built a society along these lines.

    What we’re trying to do in all these discussions and talks is to see if we cannot radically bring about the transformation of the mind, not accept things as they are but understand it, examine it, give your heart and your mind with a thinking out a way of living differently. 

    But, it depends on you not somebody else, because in this there is no teacher, no pupil. There’s no leader. There’s no guru. There’s no master, no savior. You are the teacher the pupil, the leader, the guru of everything and to understand is to transform.

                                                            - J. Krishnamurti 

  7. Cute Kittens Fly in Slow Motion to Hip Hop Dubstep

  8. Freak hail storm hits Siberian beach in mid-summer

  9. Beyond All Boundaries - Trailer

  10. Family of the Year - Hero (Official Music Video)

  12. Life Itself - Official Trailer

  13. My psst-psst, yeeee”